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无锡快3线公交时刻表,新概念三第10课课件(53张)_数学_高中教育_教育专区。 The loss of the Titanic Passenger Category Children, First Class Childr

无锡快3线公交时刻表 The loss of the Titanic Passenger Category Children, First Class Children, Second Class Children, Third Class Women, First Class Women, Second Class Women, Third Class Women, Crew Men, First Class Men, Second Class Men, Third Class Men, Crew Total Number Aboard Percentage Saved Percentage Lost Number Saved Number Lost 6 83% 17% 5 1 24 79 144 93 165 23 175 168 462 885 2224 100% 34% 97% 86% 46% 87% 33% 8% 16% 22% 32% 0% 24 0 66% 27 52 3% 140 4 14% 80 13 54% 76 89 13% 20 3 67% 57 118 92% 14 154 84% 75 387 78% 192 693 68% 710 1514 1 On which day did the Titanic sail for New York from Southampton? 2 How many passengers was she carrying and how many crew? 3 How many tons was the Titanic? 4 Why was she regarded as unsinkable? 5 How many days had she been at sea when the iceberg was spotted? 6 What did she do to avoid direct collision? 7 How high was the wall of ice? 8 What was heard from below? 9 What did the captain do? 10 Why did no one think the ship had been damaged? Titan n. (1) 泰坦,一个巨人家族的一位成员,这个家族是 乌拉诺斯(天神)和盖亚(大地女神)的子女,他们试 图统治天国,但被宙斯家族推翻并取代 (2) 巨人, 一个体形、力量或成就巨大的人: eg. a titan of American industry 美国工业巨头 Bill Gates is the titan of computer software. 比尔.盖茨是电脑软件方面的巨人。 titanic adj. 巨大的 titanic creatures of the deep 海洋中的巨形怪物 Para. 1 1.sail for… 航海去某处 set out for / set off for 出发去某处 翻译:他将动身去西藏。 He will set out for Tibet. leave for / head for / make for 我们正前往加拿大。 We are heading for Canada. 飞机正前往机场。 The plane is making for the airport. 2. colossal colossal adj.庞大的(= large in size) -- A ship Titanic was colossal. a colossal monument / a colossal statue vast 辽阔、广阔 a vast desert 广阔的沙漠 a vast forest 广阔的森 a vast plain 辽阔的平原 immense adj.极广大的, 无边的 an immense crowd of people 无边无际的人海; immense pleasure 无比的欢乐 enormous 重点突出数量、程度、体积 强调程度时比big语气, 且更正式。无锡快3线公交时刻表 -- enormous expenses 巨额费用 -- He made a big success. / He made an enormous success. giant n.巨人, 大力士 adj.庞大的, 巨大的 -- a giant person tremendous = big、fast、powerful -- The plane is travelling at tremendous speed. enjoy tremendous popularity titanic 用于修饰人和物、体积大、力量大 -- The ship is titanic. huge -- 强调体积大a huge stone / 数量巨大 a huge sum of money 3. regard … as regard …as … 认为 be regarded as …被认为 翻译:①你不能把他看作朋友。无锡快3线公交时刻表 You can’t regard him as a friend . ② “泰坦尼克号”被认为是到目前为止他拍得最 好的影片。 “Titanic” is regarded as his best film so far. be considered as 被认为 Unsinkable / unforgettable /unforgivable 4. even if / even though “即使,纵然” 引导让步状语从句 翻译:即使我一路走过去,我也要到达那里。 I will get there even though I have to walk all the way. 即使我把我所有的钱都给你,还是不够 买那条裙子。 Even if I lend you all my money, it’s still not enough for that dress. 5. watertight 不漏水的 watertight adj.不漏水的 (-- a watertight ship) watertight(引申为无限可击的、毫无破绽的) -- watertight arguments 无懈可击的论点 / -- watertight excuse 毫无破绽的借口 water proof(adj.防水的) proof(adj.不能透入的) -- waterproof watch 防水手表 -- waterproof coat 防水雨衣 compartment n.(轮船的)密封舱 6. flood flood v.充满水(= be filled with water) -- The ship is flooded. -- The room was flooded with moonlight. -- Our classroom is flooded with sunshine. flood n.洪水 (-- in flood 洪水泛滥) -- During the rains, the river is in flood. 连续不断的、滔滔不绝的 in a flood of words -- She blamed her husband in a flood of words on seeing him. 7. tragic tragic adj.悲惨的(= unfortunate) -- a tragic accident miserable(adj.痛苦的, 悲惨的) bitter adj.痛苦的 tragedy n.悲剧, 惨案 (-- in tragedy以悲剧形式) -- The holiday ended in tragedy. comedy n.喜剧 comic adj.喜剧的, 滑稽的 comical adj.古怪的, 可笑的(含有贬义) 8. voyage liner voyage n.班船 n.航行(海上航行)/ flight飞行 / 远洋是那个老妇人不能承受的。 The voyage is more than the old lady can bear. navigation n.航海, 航行学, 航海[航空]术語 -- navigation light 夜航灯光, 导航灯 iceberg n.冰山 lookout n.瞭望员 9. lose lose – lost – lost loose (adj) 丢失 松的 tight (adj) 紧的 loss (n) shoelace is loose tight schedule loss of life 鞋带松了 lose one’s life丧命 时间安排紧 at a loss不知所措 10. spot spot v.察觉,发现,认出。 他很高,所以在人群中很容易辨认出。 He is tall, so it’s easy to spot him. n. 斑点,污点;场所。无锡快3线公交时刻表 有蓝色斑点的白色裙子。 a white dress with blue spots 这正是事故发生的场所。无锡快3线公交时刻表 This is the very spot where the accident happened. 11. sharply ? sharp adj. 锋利的 ? a sharp knife 锋利的小刀 ? 敏锐的 ? a sharp mind敏锐的心智 ? sharp eyes 敏锐的眼睛 ? adv. 整点地 ? 八点整开始上课。无锡快3线公交时刻表 ? The class starts at 8 o’clock sharp. avoid 逃避 ,避免 ? avoid + n. / doing ? 我逃跑了,逃避惩罚。 ? I avoided punishment by running away. ? I avoided being punished by running away . ? 她逃避回答我的问题。 ? She avoided answering my questions. 13. collision <n.> 碰撞 ? 两辆汽车相撞中,五人死亡。 ? Five persons died during the collision between two buses. ? collide <vi.> 碰撞, 抵触, 冲突 ? collide with =conflict with ? 与...相撞; 冲突; 抵触 ? --My ideas collide with hers. ? --飞机撞到了山上。 ? Crash into/ collide with ? 14. narrowly 刚好,勉强 ? narrow: adj. 勉强的,险胜的 eg. a narrow victory 勉强胜利 He was elected by a narrow majority. narrowly: adv. 险些,差点 narrowly escape: 侥幸逃脱 翻译:他险些死亡/遇上事故。 He narrowly escaped death. He narrowly escaped the accident. 彼得骑车如此快,险些将一个孩子撞到。 Peter rode his bicycle so fast that he narrowly missed knocking the child down. 15. slight ? slight: adj. 细小的;微不足道的;轻微的 翻译: 我有点轻微的头疼。 I have a slight headache. 很小的成功可能性 a slight possibility of success 微小的区别 a slight difference 16. faint ? faint: ①adj. 模糊的,暗淡的;微弱的 a faint light 暗淡的光线 a faint sound 微弱的声音 I haven't the faintest idea of what you mean. 我一点也不懂你的意思。 ②adj.虚弱头晕的 他因饥饿感到晕眩。 He felt faint for lack of food. 17. horror ? horror n. 恐怖,恐惧 horrible adj.恐怖的 horrify v. 使恐怖 ? terror n.恐怖,恐惧 terrible adj.可怕的 terrify v.吓唬 dread n.恐怖,恐惧 dreadful adj.可怕的 dread v.害怕 fear n.畏惧,担心 fearful adj.害怕的 fear v.畏惧,害怕 fright n. 惊吓,恐怖 frightful adj.恐怖的 frighten v.使害怕 frightening 令人恐怖的 18. plunge plunge into v. ①投入,跳入 -- He got so angry that he plunge into the water. ②全神贯注于 学生们全神贯注于考试中。无锡快3线公交时刻表 The students plunged into their examination. dive vi.潜水, 跳水, 下潜, 俯冲 19. abandon v. 抛弃,放弃 当他五岁的时候,他被遗弃而成为孤儿。 When he was only five, he was abandoned and became an orphan. 抛弃危难中的朋友是可耻的。 It is a shame to abandon a friend in trouble. abandon oneself to =be addicted to 沉溺于 几个月来,她一直沉溺于电脑游戏。 She has been abandoning herself to the computer games for months. 20. Lifeboat ? Lifeboat 救生艇 ? Lifebuoy 救生圈 ? Life-jacket 救生衣 ? Lifeguard 救生员 ? Lifespan 寿命




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